How To Tell If Water Has Damaged Your Hardwood Floors

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When wood is exposed to excessive moisture, it will ‘cup’, meaning the edges of each plank or board will raise. If you notice this happening on your hardwood floors, it generally means that the hardwood floor still has a high moisture content (MC) and needs to continue to dry out to achieve a lower MC. Once hardwood flooring has dried, it will generally ‘crown’ which gives it a pillowed appearance.

Water damage to your home can be a real disruption. If you have sustained any kind of water damage to your hardwood floors, they need to be dried as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Hardwood floors should not have water on them for long periods of time.  As soon as you see water on the floor, dry it

In many cases, water damaged hardwood floors can be saved and simply refinished if properly dried in time. Uptown Flooring specializes in the restoration of water damaged hardwood floors. We may be able to save you thousands in repair costs by simply refinishing your water damaged hardwood floors, rather than replacing them.

However, in some cases, the water damaged hardwood does have to be replaced due to excessive expansion, which has causes damage to the wood itself. In this event, our experienced employees will tear-out the damaged area, allow the subfloor to dry, and then replace it.

Once it has been replaced, we will sand and finish the entire floor to ensure an even appearance, and restore it to pre-loss condition (in some cases, better than pre-loss condition).

It is very difficult to ‘spot sand’ only the water damaged area and blend it in with the existing floor. This is another reason why it may be best to have the entire hardwood floor refinished.

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