How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Just about, everyone loves a hardwood floor. Whether it is a simple oak floor or a complex custom pattern, the rich variation in the color and the texture of wood add warmth, character and a feeling of substance to any home.  And, with a little care, a good hardwood surface can last as long as the house it serves. The type of maintenance and cleaning your floors will require depends on the amount of use it sees. Low-use areas, such as bedrooms or a home office, may require only regular vacuuming and occasional damp mopping. High-traffic areas, like a kitchen or hall, may need a periodic re-coating or occasional sanding and refinishing.

Before deciding on a quick clean or a full re-coating, first determine the condition of the old finish. If the floor has discolored areas or if the finish is chipped or peeling, the best approach is sanding and refinishing. This involves using a heavy-duty drum sander and a small edging sander to grind off the old finish and to smooth the wood before several new coats are applied.

To keep your hardwood floors in good shape otherwise, vacuum or dust mop them regularly to keep abrasives and dirt to a minimum. You can periodically damp mop the floors to remove food spills and other contaminants, but it is not advised to ever soak hardwood floors with liquids.

Keep hardwood floors dry.  Spot cleaning them is best.

Never use paste wax, silicone-based polish, solvents, pine-based cleaners, or ammonia to clean your hardwood floors. These products can damage the finish and pose problems for future refinishing. Finally, protect the finish from scratching and denting by placing glides or pads on the bottom of all furniture legs.

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  1. Michelle Dye Reply

    Michael extended existing kitchen hardwood where badly damaged and added to living room and hallway with new baseboards, I love them, always on time, so nice well worth it! Thank you so much!

  2. Buz Dabkowski Reply

    Michael redid our floors of 15 year that were scratched from dogs and children. We couldn’t be happier with the job he has done. The communication and his integrity was top notch. I would highly recommend Michael.

  3. Melissa Trainer Reply

    hello michael,
    we have appx 600 sq feet of floor we would like to replace with lvp. existing is carpet with some vinyl in the kitchen. give me a call when you have time to discuss.

    thank you

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